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This blog is perfect for the guy who wants to get jacked…but has crap genetics

A few years ago Erny Peibst was a skinny hardgainer, who dreamed about building big muscles and getting jacked.

Now, after naturally building 50lbs of muscle within the space of just 3 years (which weren’t  “newbie gains”), he has been able to attract over 34,000 fans on Facebook and has written on several authoritative fitness websites online.

He has also been rated by Breaking Muscle and Supplement Centre as one of the top 20 fitness bloggers online.

My Story

Me after lifting weights for 4

Me after lifting weights for 4 years – still skinny

By the age of 18, I’d regularly been lifting weights for 4 years. However, I had very little muscle to show for it (right).

That’s what you call – shit genetics!

Sure, my school mates thought I was in OK shape when I flexed my arms, but in reality I had little progress to show for the 4 years of commitment I’d spent working hard in the gym. And I remained an ectomorph or as they say – a hardgainer.

So I left school and spent a whole year researching anything and everything to do with building muscle. This would literally be done from the moment I woke up until the moment I went to sleep.

In that moment, nobody in the world was as determined as me to build muscle. I obsessed over it and I still do.

And when I wasn’t researching, I was in the gym implementing everything.

I came up with my own unique theories on how to build muscle and did weekly experiments on everything, recording all results on what methods worked and which didn’t.

That year of experimenting gave me “true knowledge” on how to build muscle.

I was no longer brainwashed by thinking a certain workout routine or supplement was needed in order for me to build muscle, just because I read it from a magazine or a bodybuilder who was in great shape said so.

I ran tests on every little piece of information I found online, and I discovered that 80% of bodybuilding rules that people follow as gospel – are actually BS.

The Eureka Moment

By the end of that year, I discovered a revolutionary concept for building muscle faster than ever before.

I learned how anyone (even if you have crap genetics like me) could add 15lbs of lean muscle each and every year. And this rule even applies to bodybuilding pros who have been lifting for decades.

(I will be releasing a download containing this revolutionary information soon!)

And the reason why my gains were 10x faster than every other skinny hardgainer? Because the bodybuilding community preaches to do the opposite to this revolutionary concept;  slowing down your muscle gains.

In 3 years, I gained 50lbs of solid, natural muscle. This is what that looks like:

bulking transformation

I not only learned how to build muscle rapidly, but also how to burn fat. As a challenge I got fat on purpose and became skillful at cutting. I learned the best ways to torch fat and retain muscle in a short time period.

Below is one of my cutting transformations that took – 12 weeks.



My Objective with Jacked Natural

There are a lot of amazing fitness models and bodybuilder’s out there. However, the advice they give their fans simply doesn’t work for 95% of them.

I see it all the time, their fans do the same workouts as their idols, they eat the same meal plans, take the same supplements – yet they still look nothing like them.

And the reason for this, is because a massive percentage of their fans don’t have great genetics – like them.

With me, I have shit genetics. I lifted weights regularly for 4 years, but I still looked like a stick.

However, I overcame my genetics and got jacked. I did this naturally (without any steroids).

…And I did it quickly.

It only took me 3 years, which is a very short amount of time in bodybuilding. Because of this, I believe my knowledge is completely unique.

So, my ultimate goal for is to help as many people like you achieve their dream body, no matter what your goal is. Whether that means helping you build 50lbs of muscle, lose 10% of body fat or simply help balloon up a lagging muscle group.

How will I do this? I will be publishing extremely detailed and helpful articles on a weekly basis, whilst offering you free chapter’s of any downloads I create – revealing all my secrets.

Random Stuff About Me

How old are you? 23

Where are you from? Bristol, England

Favourite Bodybuilders? Arnold (shock!)

Favourite Superhero? I’m obsessed with Marvel. Very tough question but I’d say Wolverine or Spiderman (the old spidey cartoons were incredible!). I’m also obsessed with Thor and the Punisher.


Man Crush? Ryan Gosling/Matthew Mcconaughey

Favourite Film? Drive or the Place Beyond the Pines with Ryan Gosling in of course (no homo!)

Favourite programme? Dexter is my favourite. I also love True detective and American Horror Story…Making a Murder was also very interesting.

…Wow I watch too much Netflix.

Favourite cartoon? The old Spiderman cartoons or Spongebob Squarepants. An episode of Spongebob is usually on in the background whilst writing my articles…

Goals? To get Jacked Natural recognized as the greatest online bodybuilding resource, in terms of having the best info on bodybuilding on the web.

If your house was burning down – what 1 thing would you take? My marvel chess set, of course.