Best Steroids to Get Ripped


best steroids to get ripped

If you don’t know what the best steroids to get ripped are, you’re missing out.

Getting ripped to shreds can make your life 10x better. Being ripped can help you get laid more, get more respect from other men as you’ll have the body of an alpha male, your health will improve and your overall well-being/confidence in life will go through the roof.

Being ripped simply breads success in all walks of life.

And I know exactly how it feels to walk in a room for everybody to stop what they’re doing and stare in admiration. I also know how it feels to walk in a room and for no one to notice, being average and unimpressive.

The good news is: if you’re not blessed with great genetics (like most people), but you can get your hands on a great supplement stack…you too can get ripped to shreds!

The key to getting ripped is to lower your body fat %. Once you do this your muscle definition will increase big time, allowing you to really show off your muscles in great detail. If you can burn fat AND build muscle like I did – that’s the perfect scenario.

The 4 Best Steroids to Get Ripped

crazybulk-cutting-stackThere are 4 legal steroid alternatives available online from Crazybulk that can help you lose significant amounts of fat and get shredded six pack abs.

These are natural alternatives to anabolic steroids, which are:

1. Anvarol (Anavar)

2. Clenbutrol (Clenbuterol)

3. Winsol (Winstrol)

4. Testo Max (Testosterone)

Anavar, Clenbuterol, Winstrol and Testosterone sustanon are hands down the 4 best steroids to get ripped.

These 4 supplements/powerful compounds do not cause the harsh effects of anabolic steroids, which is why they’re allowed legal and aren’t considered dangerous to users.

Anavarol and clenbutrol are named after the anabolic steroids – anavar and clenbuterol, which will turbocharge your metabolism. You’ll feel like a teenager who is constantly hungry, yet constantly eating and weirdly getting leaner.

Winsol and testo max are the more ‘anabolic’ steroids in this stack. These two steroid-alternatives are based on the compounds winstrol and testosterone, which help you build muscle whilst decreasing your body fat (which is very hard to do at the same time).

It’s difficult to do both because people aim to try and keep muscle mass during a cut, but with testosterone you’ll actually build muscle/gain strength as well as losing fat.

Winsol is the supplement based on winstrol. Winstrol will help you add a little mass like testosterone, due to it increasing protein synthesis. The only downside is winstrol may not keep your muscles looking full 24/7.


Recommended cycle

I recommend ordering 2 lots of this cutting stack, allowing you to continuously cycle these steroid-alternatives for 8 weeks. This way you’ll burn a lot more fat, doubling the length of your cycle, as opposed to doing a 4 week one. It also pays to do it this way as Crazybulk offer a buy 2, get 1 free deal – meaning you’ll get a free stack!

In terms of your diet, you should be eating at least 50% clean foods such as lean proteins and unrefined carbs, whilst giving you some flexibility to eat a cheat meal here and there. It;s important not to be too boring with your food…boreoff chicken and rice 🙂

It’s also key that you don’t overeat so that you’re constantly in a calorie deficit. This means to eat less calories than what your body burns in a day. A calorie deficit will enhance the fat burning effect of this stack.

First 2 weeks


During the first two weeks of taking this cutting stack, assuming your diet is on point and you’re doing intense workouts you should be able to lose roughly 2% of body fat… which may not sound like a lot, but a 2% decrease in overall body fat is crazy gains for just 14 days. Usually burning fat at a rate of 0.5% a week would be considered good.

Your energy should also increase, due to higher testosterone levels thanks to testo-max and the stimulating effects of clenbutrol. Higher test levels are known to result in higher energy and drive…in and out of the bedroom. And clenbutrol stimulates your nervous system, which in turn revs up adrenaline levels.

So the intensity of your workouts should go up a notch…or 3!

2-4 weeks

During the next 2 weeks you can expect to continue shredding fat at pretty much the same rate as the first 2 weeks. I’d estimate another 2% body fat loss during this time frame, totaling a 4% loss over 4 weeks. You might begin to sweat considerably more during your workouts in these 2 weeks, as the intensity of your workouts is likely to increase due to the thermogenic effect of clenbutrol building up in your system. Don’t be surprised if you start performing supersets/trisets on a regular basis. The reason clenbuterol can make you pour with sweat is due to the thermogenic affect it has i.e. raising your body temperature.

4-8 weeks

Fat loss should slow down a little during the last 4 weeks of your cycle. But you’ll still manage to burn a good amount of fat in these 4 weeks – being around 3%. You won’t melt fat quite as rapidly as you did at the start of your cycle, but you’ll still witness a significant change.

Towards the end of your cycle your vascularity should be a lot more prominent, especially if you’re already fairly lean. Guys under 10% body fat should have veins popping everywhere…even if you don’t have great ‘vein genetics’ due to thick skin.

This is because when you reach a really low body fat %, you can have visible veins no matter what your genes/DNA.

Side effects: towards the end of your cycle your brain may become quite stimulated, which can result in a few late nights due to racing thoughts (insomnia). This is more prone to happening in the last 10 days of a cycle, which isn’t that big of a deal compared to if it occurred at the start of a cycle.

As a result you shouldn’t expect to catch 10 hours of beauty sleep every night, as the mind can become too overactive to go to sleep early. To minimize this potential side effect, stop all caffeine consumption early in the day.

Final Comments

Although you may experience a few mild side effects here and there – this is a stack that can get you sh-redded when you combine it with hard work in and out of the gym! This is the perfect combo, especially when it’s beach season 😉

Article summary: The 4 best steroids to get ripped are – Anavar, Clenbuterol, Testosterone and Winstrol.

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