Testosterone Max Review: Closest Thing to Steroids?


closest thing to steroids

Over the years I’ve literally taken hundreds of supplements, trying to find the closest thing to steroids. My goal was to find a supplement that could help me get BIG fast. I wanted a magic pill that could speed up my gains and was 100% natural.

But none of them worked…except for one.

The most powerful supplement I’ve ever taken was testosterone max. You don’t need a prescription for it and you can buy it online from CrazyBulk.com.


  • Remarkable muscle gains
  • Much higher libido
  • Increased strength
  • More energy


Who is Testosterone Max for?

Testosterone Max is ideal for bodybuilder’s looking to build muscle fast or older guys who’s testosterone levels have declined and want to maximize their natural production.

In short, testosterone max gives me steroid-like gains. 

…I’m not kidding.

It’s without a doubt the greatest supplement I’ve ever come across for building muscle, and it certainly played a role in helping me get jacked.

I owe my transformation below to the More Anabolic Than Steroids program I created…

closest thing to steroids

However, out of the 50lbs of muscle I gained, roughly 10lbs of this was purely down to testosterone max.

As I’ve barely used the supplement, building 10lbs of solid muscle is huge.

You’re probably thinking “Why have you only used Testosterone Max sparingly?” – Read on to find out.

My Results


Every day upon waking up, I’d notice my muscles FELT bigger. I’d look at my arms and literally be in awe at how much bigger they were compared to the day before.

This is one of the greatest feelings.

The other thing you’ll notice immediately after waking up is a serious case of morning wood.

…the type of morning wood that’s harder than a goats knee.

I’ve never been that bothered about strength, I’ve just wanted huge muscles. But for the first time it was pretty cool to be strong as fu*k. Every workout my lifts would go up by a good few kg on each compound exercise. Add that up over a month and I was deadlifting/squatting/bench pressing 15-20kg more than I could before.

Considering I wasn’t a newbie, this is a serious increase in strength.

In terms of measurements, I only ever measure my arms.

On Testo Max I put on HALF an inch of solid muscle to my arms in the first 3 weeks.

Testosterone Max didn’t just make my muscles grow, but my confidence too. I was always pretty confident, but on this test booster I felt like superman. Confidence oozed out of every pore on my body… girls wanted me and guys looked up to me.

Whilst on it you could’ve asked me if I could beat Usain Bolt in 100 metres and I’d have said yes…and actually believed that I could do it.

I just had ridiculous self belief in myself due to enhanced test levels and felt I could conquer anything.

Because I’d never experienced rapid muscle gains before, this was the first time I really became excited as a bodybuilder. It proved to me that I could pack on muscle at a fast rate, despite not being genetically gifted.


The company that manufactures testosterone max is called CrazyBulk. Once you land on their website, they label their products as ‘legal steroids’.

However this is false, as the ingredients clearly state that the supplement is made up of natural herbs and amino acids; such as tribulus terrestris and d-aspartic acid.

testosterone max review

This is just a marketing ploy, there is no such thing as LEGAL steroids.

Taking steroids is against the law, unless your own doctor has prescribed you them for a medical reason. So this is quite deceiving to natural athletes (like myself), who would think that these supplements are actually steroids – when they’re not.

So just to be clear:

  • Testosterone Max is a 100% natural supplement and if you take it you’ll still be natty.
  • Testosterone Max isn’t Testosterone Sustanon (the anabolic steroid). It’s a great over the counter testosterone booster that’s 100% natural and just mimics the effects.

Studies on Testosterone Max Ingredients

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus has shown to increase testosterone levels by stimulating the luteinizing and follicle stimulating hormones, known as LH and FSH (1). LH and FSH are referred to as gonadotropins, due to them both stimulating your gonads aka your testicles.

The LH binds itself to leydig cell receptors in your testicles, which in turn stimulates increased testosterone production.

Tribulus Terrestris Studies

The results from studies on tribulus terrestris are pretty mixed and customer reviews seem to be the same. Some studies say it increases test as well as other androgenic hormones considerably. Then other studies report of no testosterone increase. Guys who have tried tribulus either say they had awesome gains or they didn’t experience anything.

This Bodybuilding.com poll pretty much sums it up:

tribulus poll

Here’s a few studies that made sense (in my experience with tribulus):

  • Testosterone levels tripled in 8 healthy men given 250mg of tribulus 3x per day (1). Testo Max contains 225mg per capsule – almost the exact dose in this study.
  • Lithuania researchers found that tribulus terrestris spiked blood testosterone levels ‘significantly‘ during the first 10 days of supplementation (2).
  • Tribulus was found to increase DHT levels by 25% (3). DHT is considered to be up to 10x stronger than testosterone. I can also verify that my DHT levels must be through the roof on tribulus, as I always get a really sore scalp (a sign of high DHT levels).

However, not all tribulus terrestris supplements are the same.

In order to get maximum gains from tribulus, it’s crucial for this over the counter testosterone booster to have a total saponins content of 40-45%. Testosterone Max contains 45% saponins.

Maybe this explains why some people don’t experience great results from tribulus, as they could be ordering the herb from a poor supplier with a low saponin %.

D-Aspartic Acid

D-aspartic acid (or D-AA) is an amino acid, that is widely considered by most bodybuilders as a powerful, natural testosterone-booster.

D-aspartic acid is thought to increase test by improving the communication of information between the pituitary gland and the leydig cells. Thus resulting in the pituitary gland releasing more luteinizing hormone and the leydig cells secreting more testosterone. D-AA has not only been proven to increase test, but also HGH (4) – a powerful fat burner.

Thus the inclusion o D-AA is a must when determining the best over the counter testosterone booster.

D-AA Studies

  • Testosterone increases by 42% after just 12 days of D-AA supplementation in 23 men. Test levels remained spiked by 22% even after the men stopped taking D-AA for 3 days (5). The dose given to the men in this study was 2.6g. The Testo max dose is 4.5g per day (1.5g per capsule).
  • Testosterone levels increase by up to 60% after 90 days of continous supplementation of D-AA (6).


Side Effects 

Towards the end of my cycle I started to experienced some anxiety. It was weird because I’d never experienced anxiety before, so this was new to me.

After researching online I learned that stimulants in your diet can cause you to go into fight or flight mode. And when in this state you can start to perceive harmless every day situations as threats.

This is what anxiety is

I then researched the ingredients of testosterone max to see if any of them were stimulants, and I soon realised that tribulus terrestris was a powerful central nervous system stimulant and thus was causing these side effects.

So, even the best over the counter testosterone booster doesn’t come without some side effects for sensitive individuals.

Should You Buy Testosterone Max?

DO buy this supplement if:

  • You can tolerate stimulants

DON’T buy this stimulant if:

  • You suffer from stimulant-related anxiety/depression (from caffeine etc).
  • You’ve already purchased a tribulus-terrestris supplement before (with a high saponin content) and didn’t experience awesome gains.

I personally don’t take testosterone max anymore because of the anxiety that I experience with it. But I probably would use it again if I hadn’t of got to the size I am now.

So, if you’re particularly sensitive to stimulants – don’t take this supplement due to the tribulus terrestris content. You might have amazing gains but it’s not worth feeling like crap towards the end of the cycle.

BUT, if you’re like most people and consume stimulants like caffeine on a daily basis, definitely give this supplement a go.

I know a few people who have taken testosterone max and have experienced insane gains without the negative side effects.

So this just proves that everybody responds differently to supplements.

If you’ve tried a tribulus terrestris-based supplement before and didn’t notice much difference, you may be someone who doesn’t respond well to test boosters.

…In this case, give testosterone max a miss.

But from my experience of taking over a hundred different bodybuilding supplements, in terms of muscle gains, this is the best supplement I’ve ever taken.

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