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Facebook: Zoe-Lee Photography

Website: http://zoe-lee.co/

Email: zoe@zoe-lee.co


I’ve teamed up with talented bodybuilding photographer Zoe-Lee who has given permission for fitness bloggers to use her photos for free, as long as they leave a credit with her name at the bottom of the image and a link.

Link back to THIS page in the credit link so others will know that they can also use her photos.

So the link should point to: http://jackednatural.com/zoe-lee-photography

Here’s a few examples of what a credit link can look like:

Photo: by Zoe-Lee

Credit: Zoe-Lee

Credit: Zoe-Lee

(If you’d prefer, you can use an image link instead of a text link – in which case Zoe’s name should still be written underneath the image).

Examples of Zoe’s work (that you can use on your website for free):

Note: click to enlarge each photo.

calum von moger

calum von moger 3

calum von moger 4



calum von moger 2

bodybuilder in gym

clean and jerk

leg curl

back muscles

gym bros

pull up


female fitness model

side tricep

bodybuilder in locker room

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email via my contact page.