Meet the Team

Erny Peibst




Erny Peibst is the man behind JackedNatural.com.

He’s Jacked…and he’s 100% natural.

After naturally building 50lbs of muscle within the space of just 3 years (which weren’t  “newbie gains”), he has been able to attract over 300,000 fans on Facebook and has written on several authoritative fitness websites online.

He has also been rated by Breaking Muscle and Supplement Centre as one of the top 20 fitness bloggers online.

This is what gaining 50lbs of natural muscle looks like:

bulking transformation

Erny says:

Jacked Natural is the perfect blog for the dude who wants to get jacked…but has crap genetics

A few years ago Erny Peibst was a skinny hardgainer, who could only dream of building big muscles and getting jacked. Now due to working hard and smart he’s done it and he’s here to help you do the same.

Dr Sandra El Hajj – Medical Reviewer

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Dr Sandra El Hajj completed her doctorate from Nova, Fort Lauderdale (America). Since then she has worked for some of the largest pharmaceutical firms in the world and is the author of online book: Healthy Child.

Dr Sandra’s experience in pharmaceuticals makes her a perfect fit for JackedNatural.com where a lot of content is about anabolic steroids.

Sandra is against steroids due to the harsh side effects they cause, which fits into our ethos of only recommending safe and FDA supplements.

Sandra helps to review all steroid-related articles to make sure the content is accurate and up to date. Her expertise as a doctor makes our content trustworthy and authoritive; something that’s crucial when talking about drugs.

If Sandra could have one wish it would be for a healthy and happy world!