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Who is the Best Bodybuilder Ever? An In-Depth Analysis

Gym rats who’ve recently hopped on the bodybuilding bandwagon might have heard whispers of legendary names, such as Ronnie Coleman and Dorian Yatesechoing from the shadows of their local gym…

But how good really were these guys?

And more importantly…who was the best bodybuilder ever?

If you’ve decided to become a bodybuilder, you owe it to yourself to know who the king of the sport was. read more

How to Increase Vascularity for Road Map Veins!


If I was Aladdin and a genie granted me 3 wishes – having roadmap vascularity would be one of them.

Girls whine, “Ewww veins are gross”, but us gym rats laugh nonchalantly at these bimbos, as we unanimously agree that veins bulging from our biceps is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

If you had a jacked guy with no vascularity, stood next to another jacked dude with veins popping out of every muscle… read more

How to Get Huge Traps: the Ultimate Workout

traps meme

So I’ve just finished watching ‘Warrior’ where I’ve been ‘mirin Tom Hardy’s cobra traps HARD for the last 2 hours (no homo).

And I’ve come to the conclusion that traps are the only muscles that now matter.

tom hardy traps warrior

Tom Hardy is actually a great example of how having huge traps can make you look extremely muscular, even if your other muscle groups aren’t that big. read more

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How would you like to add half an inch to your arms overnight, from doing just 1 workout?

This sounds ridiculous right? Well, the workout is ridiculous! But most importantly it does guarantee around half an inch to everybody that completes the workout.

Sometimes people gain slightly less and sometimes people gain slightly more. read more