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7 Hacks to Boost Your Testosterone by 462% (Naturally)

high testosterone

Wolverine, the king of alpha males (in the marvel world)

Gym rats CRAVE higher testosterone levels. The same way Wallace hungers for cheese, Kel salivates over orange soda and Spongebob daydreams about Krabby Patties.


We just can’t have too much testosterone!!!

…Until our girlfriends are being rushed off to hospital because our morning wood is too much for their backs to handle.

More testosterone = more muscle.  read more

How to Get Bigger Arms: 7 Hacks for Fast Gains

arnold arms

So you want big arms eh?! Boy have you just landed on the right article.

I literally had the worst genetics for building a good set of arms. 

…Actually just muscle in general.

I lifted weights and trained arms consistently for 4 yearsbut I still had spaghetti arms.

Then after doing endless amounts of research and experimenting in the gym I managed to get them jacked! read more

Will Muscle Memory Help You Regain Lost Muscle?

muscle memory meme

Today I’m going to write about the marvelous and magical thing that is – muscle memory.

A typical example of muscle memory: a person loses muscle from taking a lengthy time away from the gym, sometimes being several months or years.

Then they start going to the gym again and rebuild all the muscle they had before, but very quickly (usually within a few weeks). read more

“How Much Protein Do I Need to Build Muscle?”


You hear many different theories on protein intake such as:

. The more protein you consume, the more muscle you’ll build

. You need 1g of protein per lb of bodyweight

. You need 2g per kg of bodyweight

It can get very confusing and contradictory. However in this article I’m going to get to the bottom of this topic and prove whether protein really is needed for you to get jacked. read more

Is Overtraining a Myth or Can it Kill You?

overtraining meme

Today I’m going to give my opinion on whether overtraining is an actual thing or if it’s just broscience. So grab some popcorn and make yourself comfortable!

There are 2 types of people/views when it comes to overtraining.

  1. It doesn’t exist, people who believe in it are pussies, who don’t have the commitment or discipline to spend hours in the gym at a time.
  2. Of course it exists, those who think it doesn’t are naive/stupid.

And because of these 2 very conflicting mindsets, it isn’t too regularly discussed in the gym (unless you want an excuse to hulk smash that numpty curling in the squat rack). read more