Best Natural Bodybuilding Supplements


“What supplements do you take?!” – got to be the most asked question in bodybuilding ever.

I’ve created this page to reveal the exact supplements I used to help me transform my body over the years.

Note: These supplements aren’t the entire reason why I’ve gained 50lbs of muscle, but they certainly played a part.

erny peibst transformation

That’s right – I’m revealing all my secret potions for free (lucky you!).

All of the supplements recommended are 100% natural (hence, and I might receive a small commission (as low as $0.30) if you click on any of the links provided on this page or buy the supplements. If you do that, thank you I appreciate it :).

However, I promise that I will NEVER EVER recommend a product that I don’t 100% believe in or I haven’t used myself. I also won’t hold back in listing any negative side effects I experience when taking a supplement.

Best Supplement for Building Muscle:

Testosterone Max 

Muscle Gains:    (5/5)

testosterone max

Testosterone max is a powerful, natural testosterone booster that contains tribulus terrestris – which is a herb which has given me steroid-like gains in the past. No joke, my muscles literally BLEW UP and my strength went through the roof.

The effects weren’t just physical either, my personality changed. I became a more dominant/alpha male version of myself. I literally was THE BOY on this supplement…and I completely bossed college.

Tribulus seemed like the perfect testosterone-boosting hrb…until it got towards the end of the cycle.

I experienced quite severe anxiety, as I’m extremely sensitive to stimulants.

So, if you’re okay with stimulants (you consume caffeine on a daily basis) then I highly recommend this Testo-Max as it contains a good dose of tribulus But, if you’re sensitive to stimulants like me (feel mentally worse after a can of coke/coffee), then I recommend you stay away from this supplement.

Note: I don’t like how Crazybulk (the manufacturer of testosterone max) markets their supplements as ‘Legal steroids’. Don’t worry they aren’t steroids, they are 100% natural supplements – the ingredients are provided on their website. Plus the fact there’s no such thing as ‘legal steroids’, without a prescription from a doctor of course.

Gimmicky marketing, but if you respond well to tribulus – a very powerful supplement.

Click Here to read my full review


Best Supplement for Burning Fat…

arm before after cut


Fat Loss:   (4/5)

hgf max

HGF max is a supplement that significantly increases your natural human growth hormone production. This is hands down my favourite supplement when cutting. If you eat in a calorie deficit and you take HGF Max…expect some serious shreds.

If you notice that fat loss slows down when you stop taking a supplement, you’re onto a winner.

I always notice a big difference in terms of fat loss slowing down when I come off it. This is always a sign of a quality supplement/not a placebo.

It’s my personal belief that the best supplements for burning fat aren’t ‘fat burners’, but actually HGH supplements.

Why are professional athletes so lean/ripped? Because their HGH levels are constantly spiked through HIIT (high intensity interval training). HIIT has shown to increase HGH levels by 530% (1). HGH is also the reason why intermittent fasting is so powerful for burning fat. Studies show that a 24 hour fast spikes HGH levels by 2,000% (2).

HGH = the key to getting ripped.

Also HGF Max will help you retain muscle when cutting due to its anabolic properties.

The only drawback is that it’s pricey. So if you haven’t got much money, don’t buy this, concentrate on your diet. But if you can afford it – do it. You’ll burn fat and get ripped in half the time.


Other Awesome Resources:

Fat Gripz

I NEVER train without these. Basically, I look after these like they’re my own offspring.

Fat Gripz are a little rubber attachment that you can easily place onto a dumbbell/barbell to make the bar thicker.

This extra thickness enhances muscle activation, so if you’re doing barbell curls – expect to build bigger biceps. Your grip/forearm strength will also improve massively, helping you lift a lot more weight on compound lifts such as deadlifts, bench press and pull ups.

Basically I’m in love with these little rubber badboys and I’m yet to hear a bad review from anyone who’s purchased them.

Rumour has it somebody had a pair of these stolen from my gym…

All I’m going to say is…if anybody were to take mine, prepare to see a man more wild than Jack Nicholson in the Shining.

Click Here to read my full review (scroll down until you get to “1. Use Fat Gripz”).

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Phen Q – is a powerful fat burner, that replicates the fat-burning effects of phentermine which I recommend taking for those looking to get leaner.

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Before buying any of these supplements, remember that popping a few pills won’t turn you into Arnold Schwarzenegger overnight…not even steroids will do that.

arnold arms

As the word ‘supplements’ suggests, they are merely to “supplement” your diet. Thus you should focus on nailing your diet, as that’ll always be the biggest factor in determining body composition.

However when you do have a smart supplement stack at your disposal, when your diet and workouts are on point – you can make faster gains.

Note: Everybody reacts differently to supplements. Some people might have amazing gains from a supplement and the next person might not notice much difference. So don’t expect miracles, but instead, have fun with them. 99% of the products I recommend also have glowing reviews, so I’m not the only one who’s infatuated happy with these magical pills.

Okay, infatuated was a better word.

You know that question:

“What’s the one thing you’d take if your house was burning down?”

My gym bag with my supplements/fat gripz in or my Marvel chess set!


If you’d like to send me a supplement to trial, send me an email: erny at jackednatural dot com. However, I can’t guarantee that it’ll be added to this page (no matter how much money you pay me) – unless it gives me awesome gains.